WUTTD (wuttd) wrote,

small, local businesses

There was an editorial today that talked about how big corporations are driving small independent shops out of business, and the scorn of this trend seems almost universal. Why?

I mean, large chains are able to offer better selections, lower prices, and they can offer uniformity over, well, just about everywhere. McDonalds is McDonalds everywhere. Wal-mart is cheap and it's basically everywhere too. Amazon.com is offers all the books that my local brick-and-mortar small bookseller offers at lower prices. But I still go to my local bookseller to make use of their comfy couches to puruse books over iced mochas. So, are comfy couches and iced mochas rapidly becoming unaffordable book buying luxuries? Honestly, when I have a title in mind and want it for sure, I go to Amazon.com. But I do buy from the small local bookseller occasionally. And what I'm actually buying is the small thrill of being pleasantly surprised by something unexpectedly different and non-mainstream. But small bookshops, I don't think, can survive on that.

Then again, maybe most consumers aren't like me. Maybe they're like you.
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