WUTTD (wuttd) wrote,

i'm back, take 42

Charlie Rose is talking to a bunch of bloggers, and I think I've been enlightened. Yet again. For the nineteenth-million time, I'm back. Once again, I'm reaching the conclusion that I should talk about what I'm thinking, that it's for me and not other people. This time I really appreciate it. For real, this time.

Andrew Sullivan was asked what measured success in a blog, and that blog served ultimate niche. But really, it's for yourself, so you know what you were thinking at 12:30 in the morning on February 16. And as opposed to actual books and magazines pieces and stuff which are actually finished pieces for the world, this is just for you to record what you were thinking.

I kinda wish they hurry up and perfect telepathy. Then blogs, and all of writing or material expression, for that matter, won't be necessary. Because, for whatever reason you do it, what's going on in your head can be detected and recorded.

But hey, this isn't the first time I've felt a resurgence of desire to express myself, for whatever reason. This isn't the first time I've come to realization that this isn't for the world, it's for me, and anything else is just for ego. Each time, I think it'll stick. And then it doesn't. So in a sense, it's absense says something in the record of how I was. But not a very refined record since it's only a record by way of it's absense.

Which is kinda like terrorism. Actually, Charlie and the bloggers are now talking about how really cool blogs are able to beat mainstream media at reporting news items. Maybe, in a sense, that's the picture of success that I've always had in my head but couldn't even approach. Now they're talking about control over blogs and how blogs don't have much - it's one person's opinion.

I should read blogs more so I can find out stuff.
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